The World Oddities Exposition is an event like no other!

A subculture with many faces has risen to a feverish popularity within the last few years. ODDITIES. What began as a peculiar whisper, now fills auditoriums with thunderous applause. For the very first time, in a very special place, we will create a thriving metropolis of peculiarities. The WORLD ODDITIES EXPOSITION is a convention like no other. In the renowned, Lord Baltimore Hotel, the halls will be filled with sights to behold, and treasures beyond measure. From artisans, to artifacts of antiquity and mystery, to natural history, our custom curated marketplace must be seen to be believed! That's not all! Classes from skilled members of the community will be held, to help you create your own treasures in a small, hands on environment, as well as presenters showing us a glimpse into their perspective worlds. Throw in the Oddities Ink Parlour, with some of the most talented tattoo artists in the industry today, and pepper it all with amazingly unique performances, and live entertainment, and you have an event that whether you stop by for the day or move in for the weekend, you are sure to be amazed by! Follow our social media, and watch, brick by brick, vendor by vendor, while we build the world’s first oddity convention for YOU, our beloved weirdos and wanderers.