Insect Pinning Class

This is a workshop that we've had great success with in the past.  Our insect pinning workshops are very extensive in that we cover the entire process  except we do it in a very user friendly way. Join entomologist Trisha Nichols in a fun, hands on workshop where she will help you learn the process and create a keepsake for years to come.  

    Firstly, one of the more important facets of insect pinning is butterflies.  Butterfly pinning can be tricky business but under your instructors guidance you've got this.  

    This is the important bit.  It can take several days to properly relax, pin, dry, and mount a specimen. So for the second part of the class we're going to provide you with an already mounted specimen and then teach you how to construct your very own shadowbox display.  So guests will receive TWO specimens per student (should they succeed at pinning which to date everyone has).

Species will vary and are of course ethically sourced.  Each student will be provided with supplies, specimens, shadowbox, and safety gear upon request.