Real Skull Giveaway


Yes, it is real. Yes, it is legal to own a real human skull.  This skull is a vintage medical specimen.  It was the personal property of one of our sponsors, The End Times Boutique.  He has a short message for you:


  '“  In an effort to get the word out about a new event I am very passionate about, I would like to offer you something special.  I'll be offering up a vintage medical skull.  As an Oddities Collector for many years I still remember the first time I held one. It was all there for me. Science, mythology, spirituality. There were so many powerful thoughts resurrected from a mere object.  There are a lot of people who I've met over the years that would love the opportunity to own one for themselves but unless you are very fortunate a specimen like this can come with a steep price tag.  There are a few simple rules to the competition. Like the page, and tag the contest #woeskull to enter. There are also a few deal breakers such as you can't be a resident of any state that doesn't legally allow the ownership or commerce of human bone specimens like Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee.  But I would humbly like to request one more thing.  If you enter the contest for a chance to win make sure that as the potential new owner, you will respect and treasure this beautiful piece.  “

   Good Luck and Thanks on behalf of 

The End Times Boutique

Share contest rules and regulations:

To enter applicant must follow the Instagram @worldodditiesexpo, share the flyer at the top of the page, AND tag the contest #woeskull.

Applicant must be at least 18 years old, a U.S. citizen of the lower 48 and CANNOT reside in any state that does not allow the SALE, OWNERSHIP, OR SHIPPING ACROSS STATE LINES of human bones at the time of the announcement of the winner.  Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alaska, and Hawaii residents are excluded. Know your state laws. Applicants residing in these states are automatically prohibited. Applicant assumes all responsibility. The World Oddities Expo reserves the right to cancel the contest at anytime, for any reason.

You do not have to attend the event to qualify. A winner will be selected at random on Saturday November 2 2019 and will be announced on all social platforms. Instagram, Facebook, and

Skull will be shipped within 10 business days of announcement priority mail with a tracking number and insured.  World Oddities Expo, mecg llc, and The End Times Boutique accept no responsibility for loss or damage during shipping.