Join us in the decadent Calvert Ballroom and shop at our Lost Curio Marketplace where over 60 carefully curated vendors and artisans will astound you with oddities from every subculture of this globe.  

Among this eclectic collection you will find gifts for strange souls, including but not limited to antiques, biological specimens, unique jewelry, and much more.

If it's interesting, we're interested and we know you will be as well.

Featured Vendors


Coble Taxidermy Emporium, out of Henryetta, OK, sells a wide variety of wholesale taxidermy, skulls and more!


Unique jewelry and other items, hand crafted from ethically sourced bones, as well as numerous vintage, antique, or recycled materials.


Illustrator & Designer of the magical, mythical, and Macabre. Brit Austin’s work has been shown in galleries across the U.S. and published in Spectrum Fantastic Art.


At Uniquely Morbid, ethically sourced animal bones are used in the creation of tiny, one kind, fantasy based, bone assemblage sculptures. In addition to creating fantasy creature skeletons, they also offer hand crafted bone jewelry, trinket boxes, mummified specimens, and other works of art.


“Unique dead body creations are my main focus. I like to make beauty from death to make the thought of dying easier. I love making the slightly disturbing into keepsakes to help the memory of the lost animal or insect stay alive.”-Beautiful Dead Ends


An illustration major, with a talent for taxidermy, bone art, insect pinning, wet specimens, and much more!


A retired climate change scientist who has found a love for laser cutting, and jewelry making. All JEWELRY sales from his store, benefit worthy animal rescue groups!


Clothing, Art, and Oddities all in one place!

Many more merchants, artists, and purveyors of the odd, curious, and peculiar, await you!